Texsus S.p.A., the renowned Italy-based nonwovens and frontal tape manufacturer, announces its latest investments in the form of a brand-new production site in Poland.

The project is aimed at shifting Texsus’ influence towards the very heart of Europe, ready to quickly supply our long-standing customers, as well as the newly developing markets, with outstanding quality products for baby care, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence, assuring short lead times and logistic flexibility.

The complex, valued at over thirty million euros, will be aimed at the production of Air Through Bonded nonwovens for the hygienic market.
The manufacturing plant will occupy approximately 50% of the fifty thousand square meters grounds.
Equipped with state-of-the-art ATB and spooling lines, the site will allow Texsus to expand its overall nonwovens production capacity by at least 50%, and its spooling breadth to 100% of its nonwovens volume output.

While Texsus’ headquarters and largest plant will remain in Tuscany, Italy, as the heart of the Group for the manufacturing of nonwoven ADL and frontal tape, the new Polish plant is expected to be up and running by Q1 2020.
Italy will also retain the R&D Department, carrying forward the company precept of leading through innovation.

Texsus has built its worldwide reputation over a thirty years-long history as an Air Through Bonded manufacturer, with a commanding position in the EMEA market.
Its most famous brands are ACQUITEX, MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACQUITEX AND VORTEX acquisition and distribution layers as well as the SOFTEX liners brand. Along with the expansion of its high loft manufacturing capacity, Texsus has recently started a new chapter applying its know-how to new products and processes in which the ability to combine distinct layers has led to the development of innovative multi-function and multi-layered materials. A successful example of this new era is the ground breaking, nonwoven, frontal tape, the SLOOPY, able to combine excellent performance, extreme softness and eye-catching 3D design in an environmentally sustainable structure.