Water Holding ADL

Water Holding ADL

Vortex has been developed for fluffless and ultra-thin core diapers with a SAP/Fluff ratio of more than 70/30.

Vortex, special high loft ADL, has a multi layered, asymmetric structure designed to ensure a difference between the upper and bottom sides of the ADL in terms of fiber density, permeability, and absorbency.

The upper part is designed to have a fast intake of the liquid, while the intermediate and bottom parts assure a wide distribution and a temporary reserve for the fluid.

The advantages of using Vortex are:

  • Unsurpassed skin dryness by increasing the downward movement of the fluid;
  • Better usage of the core thanks to the temporary liquid storage that prevents gel blocking of SAP in the core;
  • Improved bulkiness and cushion effect.

Vortex is also useful in ultrathin napkins, using lower grammages, due to the open structure of the upper layer and varied density of fibers along z-direction which enables an optimal handling of thicker fluids and a better masking effect.

vortex details


Acquisition & Distribution Layer

multifunctional acquitex

Multi-layer ADL


Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination


Topsheet + High Loft ADL

be dry

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL


Loop / Frontal tape


Liquid Storage Structure

be core

ADL + Absorbent Core