Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination

Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination

Softex nonwovens are developed with Airthrough Bonded technology and are mainly used as liners for topsheet and side covers in the feminine hygiene, and as a topsheet and substrate for backsheet lamination in baby and incontinence products.

The main benefits to using an Airthrough Bonded topsheet are softness and textile touch that cannot be achieved with alternative substrates, such as spunbonded or perforated film. Softex materials are produced with bicomponent fibers that give them superior softness when in contact with the skin. They
also improve fluid intake time and retention compared to most standard nonwoven topsheets. We have also developed our Easy Welding Line for applications with the ultrasonic bonding system.

Softex layer
softex scheme

Softex liners can have philic or phobic properties depending on the final application, and, at the same time, can be treated with a wide range of natural finishes such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, Chamomile, Cotton Oil extract, and additional substances. The family includes the Embossed Softex – designed to add a fashionable touch with floral, geometric and striped patterns or asuperior tridimensional effect – and the Apertured Softex – with different perforation patterns.


Acquisition & Distribution Layer

multifunctional acquitex

Multi-layer ADL


Water Holding ADL


Topsheet + High Loft ADL

be dry

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL


Loop / Frontal tape


Liquid Storage Structure

be core

ADL + Absorbent Core