Topsheet + High Loft ADL

Topsheet + High Loft ADL

Multitex is a multi-layer nonwoven developed with Airthrough Bonded technology that combines the advantages of a soft topsheet and a high loft ADL in one unique, easy-to-work structure.
The use of Multitex materials in the production of diapers for newborns, incontinence and feminine hygiene pads offers the converter great advantages such as:

  • Improved performance: if compared to a similar standard structure composed of 2 separate layers, Multitex demonstrates faster acquisition time and lower wetback, due to the absence of any kind of glue between the topsheet and ADL;

 Cost savings are due to the following factors: no
glue, lower transport and storage costs, and the
possibility of reducing the whole basis weight of the
structure due to improved performance;
 Sustainable due to light weight and absence of
glue. Multitex requires less energy to be produced,
transported, stored, and converted.

Multitex nonwovens offer soft and textile touch skin-side in a voluminous structure capable of enhancing the fluid acquisition and distribution backside.

Multitex strati
Multitex scheme

The Multitex Water Holding has been developed with a special, lower absorbent layer. Due to its enhanced retention and absorption properties, it can be used for thin panty liner production, as well as in Medical or Cosmetics pads.


Acquisition & Distribution Layer

multifunctional acquitex

Multi-layer ADL


Water Holding ADL


Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination

be dry

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL


Loop / Frontal tape


Liquid Storage Structure

be core

ADL + Absorbent Core