be dry

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL

be-Dry is a an innovative combined structure containing Topsheet + Acquisition Distribution Layer in one unique design that is capable of giving a sensation of dryness comparable to that of perforated film, and yet is endowed with the exclusive softness of a completely Airthrough Bonded nonwoven structure.

be-Dry is suggested for feminine hygiene and light incontinence pads. It has been created with an apertured top side and an improved system to control dryness and stain appearance.

A variety of partial-perforation patterns are available. The product has an innovative bi-layer structure with different hydrophilicity on the upper and lower side and special junction points that act as channels to quickly transfer the fluid from the top to the bottom.

be-dry scheme
be-dry scheme

The key benefits of using be-Dry are:

  • Performance and dryness similar to perforated film liners (i.e. fast intake and extremely low rewet);
  • Softness and bulk typical of Airthough bonded materials;
  • Special Masking effect;
  • Cost savings (due to lower grammage and absence of glue) compared to standard topsheet liners + ADL structures;
  • Sustainable approach due to a lesser amount of energy consumption required to produce, transport, store, and convert the material.


Acquisition & Distribution Layer

multifunctional acquitex

Multi-layer ADL


Water Holding ADL


Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination


Topsheet + High Loft ADL


Loop / Frontal tape


Liquid Storage Structure

be core

ADL + Absorbent Core