Acquisition & Distribution Layer

Acquisition & Distribution Layer

The Acquitex line includes high loft nonwovens developed with Airthrough Bonded technology for use as an ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) for the production of baby diapers, sanitary napkins and incontinence products. Acquitex materials are available in a wide range of fiber mixings, colors, basis weights (up to 160 gsm).

Our High Loft ADLs are engineered to achieve a superior dryness through their key performance features:

  • Fast acquisition of the fluid;
  • Wide distribution of the liquid;
  • Enhanced buffer function – high loft ADL works as a barrier between wetness and the skin.

Our Acquitex range includes Colored Acquitex, Easy Welding Acquitex, Biodegradable Acquitex, and Acquitex for Biological material.

acquitex scheme
acquitex assorbente
acquitex pannolino
acquitex incontinenza

Colored Acquitex meets the market demand for different products capable of highlighting the presence of the ADL inside the diaper.

Easy Welding Acquitex is designed for high speed line application where layers are bonded by means of an ultrasonic system.

Biodegradable Acquitex was developed in response to an ever increasing need for environmentally friendly products.

Acquitex for Biological Material is suitable for managing newborn baby feces.

multifunctional acquitex

Multi-layer ADL


Water Holding ADL


Topsheet – Side cover – Liner for backsheet lamination


Topsheet + High Loft ADL

be dry

Semi Apertured Topsheet + High Loft ADL


Loop / Frontal tape


Liquid Storage Structure

be core

ADL + Absorbent Core