Quality is a key and fundamental value for our Company and is the driving-force behind all our activities. We are ISO 9001 certified.

We work using a quality management system based on the principles set out in the ISO 9001, able to ensure that our products and services fully meet the requirements of the customers and of the international standards.

Quality Assurance is an important part of our management system and allows us to achieve excellence through the constant monitoring of material and service performances. The quality of the product is achieved through the continuous control of incoming raw materials, production parameters and final product performances. The quality of the service is worked out through a continuous monitoring of the customer satisfaction.

By being a producer for hygienic and medical market we are committed to assuring the safety of the material that we deliver. We work systematically with our raw material suppliers and our customers to assure the safety of the final product before it arrives on the market.

iso9001 certificate 2018