Texsus is a pioneering Company in the production of Airthrough bonding nonwovens  and  innovative multi-layer solutions  for the Hygienic, Medical,  and Industrial  market. Widely known as a specialist in the production of quality Airthrough bonding nonwovens,  Texsus know-how will now be applied to new products and processes in which the ability to combine layers provides new opportunities and leads to the creation of  innovative multi-function and multi-layered materials.

Texsus is part of Fintex & Partners Italia SpA, a family owned Group engaged in different industrial and commercial areas.

Through the development of  creative solutions, we enable our customers to produce modern baby diapers; ultra-thin sanitary napkins and adult incontinence products with excellent absorption and retention performance; as well as the production of ingenious materials suitable for the medical and industrial fields.

We strongly believe that nonwovens are an important everyday product in our lives as their daily use improves the quality of life by assuring a certain lifestyle that comes from comfort and hygiene protection.

We want to offer the  best purchasing experience to our customers, and, to accomplish this goal successfully, we take every detail into consideration that will enable us to offer the best service and the most cost-effective product.