We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and our products through the adoption of sustainable practices as:

Responsible use of resources

Use of recycled fibres as (r-PET) and raw materials that can be easily recycled.

Recycling of internal clean waste. 

Use of Solar energy. Maximixation of process efficiency.

Responsible sourcing

Fibers are certified for hygienic applications and are compliant with the relevant standards for the industry.

We are part of SEDEX community.

Focus on employees Health, Safety and Professional Growth

Constant training and orientation at all company levels is the key to success.

Texsus carries out different training programs on foreign languages, work safety, soft skills and internal processes.

Innovative and Sustainable solutions

Texsus  believes  that  products  and services innovation can be an effective way to maximise our handprint on the Community and minimise our footprint on  the  environment. An effective example of how Texsus operates are the launches o

✓ SLOOPY It represents the most sustainable option in the frontal tape market because:

  • it is the lighter version available
  • it doesn’t contain any glue or adhesive
  • it requires less energy for transportation and storage

✓  Be-DRY.  It  is  an  innovative,  combined  structure  containing

Topsheet + Acquisition Distribution Layer in one unified design. It represents a sustainable solution for femcare and light inco pads because it requires less energy during manufacturing, transportation, storage, and converting of the material.