Our passion for research and innovation drive us to issue many different patents and to be an pioneer in the development of special technologies and products.

Our R&D department works out every customer’s request for customized products to fulfill any specific technical need.

With our internal laboratory and pilot line we ensure that new products are developed with a modern approach. Designs are finalized to achieve the correct material structure, guaranteed to give the best performance along with other  elements of the finalized product.

Our laboratory is equipped to perform day-to-day tests to check the quality of the nonwovens and even to carry out the relevant performance analysis on baby diapers, sanitary napkins and incontinence pads.

Our modern PILOT LINE has multiple capabilities:

  • Hot melt distribution
  • Liquid treatment distribution
  • Calendering
  • Lamination
  • Short fibers scattering
  • Powder scattering
  • Ultrasonic bonding